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Comply with EU regulations on Cookies with this Cookie Banner

Cookie Compliance Character

Display the same banner above but this version has an in built cookie system so that once the user has clicked off of it the banner will no longer return. You can use this as a warning system for the new European law that was introduced that makes it a requirement to show the users what cookies you are using from them.


Why this Joomla Extension?

Why this Cookie Compliance?

As it contains multiple different features this multipurpose module is perfect for your website for displaying important information or display the cookie policy which is now required upon all webmasters if you use cookies. The module is lightweight and fully documented in a well styled documention website.


You betcha'. You can customize most things including :
  • Fonts
  • Font Color
  • Background Colors
  • Close Button Icon
  • Margins


The demo is currently present on this page and should be displaying at the top. Notice how it follows your page meaning that your users will have to notice it. It's currently using all the preset options. Click the close button and hit F5 to see the magic of the cookie banner work.

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$15 USD
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  • Future item updates for free!
  • Documentation for the item
Before purchasing please refer to the license.
Created Date 21 October 2012
Joomla version Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.0
License GPLv2 or later
Current Version 1.7
Last Updated Date Sep 5, 2014