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Markup your logo with valid schema syntax within Joomla

Guy Holding Our Logo, well sort of.

If you've googled a recognised company recently you've probably noticed their logo sitting in the right hand side of the Google results page. This is down to mostly their Google+ page being linked correctly. However this additional schema code with help Google solidify your brand and for $5 you won't even have to write a single bit of code! Simple plug-in and publish then it's displaying a valid schema logo which reflects the logo of your company but also will take users to the homepage of your site if they click it.


Why this Joomla Extension?

Google Loves Schema <3

Google Accepts Schema
Google often states that it loves websites using schema as it really helps them so they don't have to do any work. It's well recognised across many search engines.

Helps Brand Identity

brand-identity Think, if you see the companies logo in the search results before even getting to the website it makes the website seem more reliable and trustable which ultimately is building up your brand.


Just below is a demo. It will look exactly like the logo in the top left of the page. If you want to see the code behind it right click and view source. Altnerively test the code here!

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Created Date 22 December 2013
Joomla version Joomla 2.5Joomla 3.0
License GPLv2 or later
Current Version 1.0
Last Updated Date N.A